Call of Duty WW2 Guide: How to Perform Heroic Actions

by AOTF Staff

The Campaign for Call of Duty WW2 is a totally different type of experience than previous Call of Duty games.  Along with the new setting of WW2, the gameplay focuses on squad tactics instead of the lone wolf style gameplay from other games in the series.

One of the new features of the campaign is the ability to perform “Heroic Actions.”  These actions are part collectible for each level, and partly a power-up for your squad as you progress through the game.

There are a few different types of Heroic Actions that you can perform in Call of Duty WW2.  Early on the campaign you’ll notice that Heroic Actions include killing enemies when you catch them in the act of killing a fellow solider.  Then later you’ll also find that Heroic Actions can also be performed by not killing enemies if they are in the midst of trying to surrender.

In the instances where you’ll need to kill enemies, you’ll have a limited amount of time to complete the action.  It will be noted with a marker over an enemies head that needs to be killed in order to get the Heroic Action.  In the instances where enemies are surrendering, you’ll see that German forces will raise their arms in surrender.  The fast-paced action of the game dictates that you need to recognize this action very quickly.  If you shoot them you’ll fail the Heroic Action, but if you approach these enemies with their arms raised and press the Aim button on the controller, these enemies will surrender successfully and you’ll earn the Heroic Action.

Other Heroic Actions include getting your squad mates to safety after they’ve been downed by the enemy.  While you might not be able to see exactly where these allies are on the map, you’ll often times hear them screaming for help.  In these instances you’ll want to walk over to them and drag them to safety.

There will be times when the action won’t be quite as straight forward.  For example, one level has an ally that needs to be pulled to safety but he’s under fire from a sniper.  You need to throw smoke onto the battlefield and then drag him to safety.

The new Heroic Actions in Call of Duty WW2 keep you on your toes throughout the campaign.  Can you find them all?  Each level has a number of actions that can be completed.