Call of Duty WW2 Guide: Basic Training All Perks Explained

by AOTF Staff

The class system in Call of Duty WW2 has changed significantly from previous games in the series.  Upon firing up the competitive multiplayer mode for the first time you’ll need to select one of five Divisions. Each has their own special unlockable perks, but you can also choose a Basic Training perk that offers you additional customization to your playstyle.

The Basic Training perks are unlocked as you progress through the game’s normal XP system and achieve a higher rank.

Basic Training Perks List

  • Espionage – Enemy Scorestreaks and enemies you damage appear on mini-map.
  • Launched – Take Launcher as Secondary, and resupply it from enemies killed without explosives.
  • Requisitions – Scorestreaks do not reset on death, but cost more and can only be earned once.
  • Instincts – Warning when targeted off-screen, and detect enemy explosive equipment.
  • Rifleman – Take two primary weapons and swap faster.
  • Hustle – Reload faster and while sprinting.
  • Lookout – Enemy targets appear from further away and increased mini-map coverage.
  • Gunslinger – Fire guns while sprinting and diving.
  • Ordnance – Cheaper scorestreaks, and ability to re-roll your own Care Packages.
  • Primed – Additional Primary Attachment and flinch less when shot.
  • Undercover – Killed enemy death locations hidden, and reticles do not change when targeted.
  • Serrated – Take Melee weapon as Primary, and melee faster.  Bonus:  Two Throwing Knives and two Tacticals.
  • Duelist – Take akimbo pistols as a Secondary.  Bonus:  Extra pistol ammo.
  • Forage – Resupply bullets from killed enemies, and swap weapons faster.
  • Bang – Take a Mk2 Fragmentation as a Lethal and an extra piece of Tactical equipment.
  • Flanker – Hidden from Recon Aircraft while moving quickly, delayed detonation of enemy mines.
  • Scoped – While aiming down sights, have less idle sway and move faster.
  • Energetic – Sprint again sooner, and no fall damage.
  • Hunker – Early grenade warning, and take less explosive damage.  Fuse of Mk 2 Frag is reset on throwback.
  • Inconspicuous – Quieter movement and walk fast while crouched.
  • Concussed – Take a British N 69 as a Tactical and extra piece of Lethal Equipment.

Some of the Basic Training Perks overlap with existing perks from your Division.  If this is the case, the game will warn you that you are choosing a perk that overlaps with perks from your Division.  Each Basic Training Perk can complement a different type of playstyle whether you like to play run and gun, stealthy, sniper, or heavy.