Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Guide: How to Turn on the Power

by AOTF Staff

Before you do just about anything in Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Final Reich, you’ll need to turn on the power.  Thankfully, this objective is pretty straight forward if you’re observant.  To turn the power on in the Final Reich you’ll need to progress out of the starting area and into the Village Square.

Upon entering the Village you’ll see an object that has three cables coming out of it.  Follow the three cables.  These will lead you to three valves that need to be turned to their maximum setting of sixty.  Two of the valves can be accessed immediately, while one of them is locked behind a door which can be opened with Jolt Currency.  Once you’ve got all the valves turned you’ll be able to turn on the pilot light using the circular contraption.  Pressing the pilot light button will cause an explosion.  Out of the explosion will come a new fast moving type of zombie.  Kill these zombies and then you’ll see that the place they came out of is now available for you to enter.

Enter the hole in the ground and you’ll find the power generator.  Hit the switch to turn on the power and exit back out into Village Square.  Once you turn the power on you’ll be able to access the Bunker, Command Center, Morgue, Laboratory, and Salt Mine and start progressing further into Zombies mode.