All Easter Eggs in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

A dive so deep you'll hear the underwater theme thinking how far these references go.

by J.R. Waugh
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Image: Nintendo; Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

The Super Mario Bros Movie is here, and it’s crushing it at the theaters so far. The kid-friendly romp through the Mushroom Kingdom with our titular plumber is winning over the hearts of moviegoers with effortless charm and boundless energy. While the movie runs perhaps too quickly through to the credits, the breezy experience is loaded with self-aware references to the series’ enormous past. The easter eggs in The Super Mario Bros. Movie are plentiful, and fun to spot!

Easter Eggs in The Super Mario Bros Movie: More Than Simple Cameos

Image: Nintendo; Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

While the movie could have cheated its audience with a simple array of cameos and simple nods, we instead were treated to an exciting and fun bombardment of throwbacks dating back to the origins. This isn’t even referring to the fun end credits scenes included in the film. But the easter eggs in The Super Mario Bros Movie are fun to spot for the eagle-eyed fan, while the kids in the theater will be busy enjoying the fun. Here’s our assortment, which we’ll be eager to update with any additional ones as they’re spotted and reported:

  • Original Mario game voice actor Charles Martinet has several cameo appearances, including his signature “Yahoo!” in the film.
  • The penguins fought by Bowser closely resemble the penguins found at Cool, Cool Mountain in Super Mario 64. You can’t drop any of these off the cliffs, you monster.
  • There’s a restaurant called Chasse au Canard, or “Duck Hunt” in Brooklyn in the movie.
  • Mario’s home includes references to Kid Icarus and Star Fox.
  • There is a Jumpman sign, a reference to Mario’s name in the Donkey Kong arcade game.
  • Mario and Luigi are seen in an ad for their plumbing service wearing yellow capes just like the Cape Mario power-up introduced in Super Mario World.
  • There’s a store you might notice that’s titled as a reference to Diskun, the Famicom Disk System peripheral mascot in Japan.
  • Princess Peach’s castle closely resembles the one from Super Mario 64 with its paintings and stained glass windows.
  • When the Kongs ally with the Mushroom Kingdom, they meet around a map that’s identical to the Super Mario World in-game map.
  • Wedding outfits from Super Mario Odyssey also make a reappearance.
  • Numerous maps such as those seen in Odyssey also make a clear appearance even just in the trailers.

Some easter eggs in the movie require multiple Super Mario Bros games to be played or understood, or certain shows and songs to be heard for them to sink in. Some, however, are quite simple and in-your-face.

Clear Nods and References to the Mario Franchise Are in the Movie

Image: Nintendo; Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

Beyond the more fleshed-out references or easter eggs in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, some are meant to be immediately spotted and recognized. They’re part of the world for everyone to see, fans or newcomers alike! Folks, be prepared to explain every character that appears!

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  • Numerous series staples like the Question Mark Block, Super Star, Super Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Cat Suit, Ice Flower, and Tanooki Suit appear.
  • Classic Mario enemies like Kamek, Goombas, Bob-Ombs, Bloopers, Spinys, Bullet Bills, Koopas, Shy Guys, Piranha Plants, Cheep-Cheeps, Hammer Bros, and Dry Bones all appear.
  • Even the Koopalings have an appearance and are joined by more contemporary or underrated enemies like Biddybuds, Bramballs, and Swoops.
  • Iconic bosses like King Bob-Omb and King Boo make appearances.
  • Mario Kart references are aplenty, with Banana Peels, Anti-gravity Wheels, various Kart designs, and Gliders featured from the games.
  • Rainbow Road makes an appearance.
  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi appear in the film.

There are enough characters and power-ups to make the head spin but also put a smile on your face. There’s something to love for any Mario fan going into this movie, whether you’re testing friendships in Mario Kart, gliding across the terrain in Super Mario World, or punishing bosses in Super Mario 64.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Also Features Plenty of Iconic Sound Effects and Music for the Fans

Image: Nintendo; Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures

Mario is perhaps also one of the most recognizable franchises simply when you hear its various tunes and sound effects. This includes overt examples like pipe sound effects, but also some references that might go over people’s heads like the various rap songs that have been featured in the franchise.

  • Luigi’s phone plays the GameCube jingle as his ringtone.
  • The Luigi’s Mansion theme can be heard in the background when Luigi finds himself lost in the woods with some Dry Bones swarming nearby.
  • The Donkey Kong theme from the original arcade game can be heard near the end of Mario’s duel with DK.
  • The Underground Theme is briefly played as a duet on the piano between Bowser and Kamek.
  • Mario Kart 8 kart selection music can be heard when Mario is picking his vehicle.
  • The Plumber Rap from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show appears in the movie, a strangely crowd-pleasing addition to the film’s easter eggs for older viewers!
  • Speaking of rap, the DK Rap is also featured in the film Donkey Kong as his introduction.
  • The Invincibility Theme plays when Mario and Luigi use the Super Star.

If you have any exposure at all to the Super Mario Bros. franchise, you’ll have an easy time recognizing at least a dozen or so of these easter eggs. There’s something for everybody in the crowd, and while it might be a short romp, it’s a treat for the eyes with promises of more to come in the future. So for those walking out of the theater, do the Mario! Swing your arms, and pick up your rubbish, do the nice thing to clean up after yourselves for the next folks coming in ready to have a blast!

- This article was updated on April 7th, 2023

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