Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion Quiz Answers: Theoretical Knowledge Quest Guide

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by J.R. Waugh
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, among many of your other tasks, you will find yourself liberating other colonies in the world of Aionos.  After a particular Hero Quest with the character Teach you’ll find his colony in need of practical training for the troubles ahead as part of a longer ongoing Standard Quest called ‘Teach’s Teachers.’  The first of your quests will be of 2 different varieties – ‘Live Combat Training’ featuring guidance by Eunie and Sena, and ‘Theoretical Knowledge’ featuring Taion as the teacher, and he quizzes them hard to prepare them for a life in a newly-liberated colony, so study up to help!  Read on for our guide on the Theoretical Knowledge Quest and the Taion Quiz Answers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion Quiz Answers: Theoretical Knowledge Quest Guide


Before you can take on this quest, you’ll need to recruit Teach and complete his Hero Quest, then go to Colony Gamma, and you can do this in Chapter 3.  Once you’ve checked the quest board at Colony Gamma and discussed the Theoretical Knowledge mission at the nearby canteen, speak to Mina, Zakir, and Schoon nearby.  Taion will bring Noah along for the exercise, which thrusts you as the player into the role of student auditing Taion’s class to foster trust within the colony, who don’t hold him in high esteem as a Kevesi.  The questions are asked in random order and can feature an assortment from the ones listed below, so we have them listed along with their answers here:

  • Which attacks weaken the enemy?  Debuffs
  • What happens to some enemies when they’re in trouble?  They get enraged.
  • Which one of these is not a benefit of inflicting Daze?  All allies recover HP.
  • Which of these combo routes is wrong?  Break – Topple – Daze – Beguiling Charms
  • Whose Role is it to attract the enemy’s attention?  Defenders
  • What is the most important component of a chain attack?  The balance of roles within the party.
  • What name is given to class-specific techniques?  Talent arts.
  • What should an Attacker typically do if targeted by the enemy?  Pull back and wait for a Defender to assist.


You’ll get 5 questions asked out of the above pool, so prepare for any possibility.  Your main competitor is Zakir and he is just the worst so be sure to get everything right.  A scene occurs afterward, and you’ll have to go to the group again and take a second quiz.  The answers are provided below:

  • What equipment is exclusive to Kevesi soldiers?  Power frames
  • Where did Colony Sigma and Colony 9 fight?  Everblight Plain
  • Which statement about the Flame Clocks in the Iris is correct?  In Keves it’s in the right eye, Agnus, the left.
  • What’s the name of the desert in the Fornis region?  Dannagh Desert
  • What does black fog cause?  Annihilation event
  • What is the name of the jewel that can be mined in the Aetia region?  Delicate bell
  • Who led their colony to victory over three colonies simultaneously?  Silvercoat Ethel
  • What’s the highest rank in a colony?  Consul
  • Which colony rank comes after copper?  Iron

Once again, there will be an assortment of 5 random questions taken from the above pool.  Your reward?  Zakir’s approval, and endorsement to teach other colony denizens, which lowers the tensions between him and Noah.  Taion’s task was to fill Teach’s shoes, and the colony inhabitants looked up to him, so this is a significant development in their eyes.  Along with completing these quizzes, you gain 1160 EXP, 1410 G, and 3 SP.

This concludes our guide on the Theoretical Knowledge Quest and the Taion Quiz Answers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3!  Some quests have greater tangible rewards, but in general, this game’s approach to gameplay, role-playing, and quests seems to incorporate the world and its ideologies/societies/lore into just about everything, enhancing the immersion into Aionos and satisfaction with a job well done.  Be sure to check out our other guides!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 29, 2022.

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