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Don't miss out on earning this month's free items with Toy Defense codes!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Here are all the currently working Toy Defense codes, a popular Roblox game made by Glacid Games. You aim to build defenses, deploy units, and defend your backyard against enemy units. You can use Toy Defense codes to earn in-game items like crackers, glue, bricks, and much more, giving you a competitive advantage over other players and allowing you to survive. Crackers are the most crucial currency in Toy Defense, so you should jump at any chance to earn them for free. Here are all Toy Defense codes you can redeem for free items.

All Toy Defense Codes List

We have provided you with an easy-to-browse list of working and expired codes and instructions on redeeming them. You’ll be earning free swag in no time!

Toy Defense (Working)

Here are all the Working Toy Defense codes:

  • LETSGO10K—Redeem for 1 Free Cracker, Toy Caltrops, Glue x 10, Bricks x 10
  • TDRELEASE—Redeem for 1 Free Cracker and Free Release Reward
  • TOYDEFENSEGIFT—Redeem for Lunchbox

Toy Defense (Expired)

These are expired codes for Toy Defense:

  • There are currently no expired codes.

How to Redeem Codes in Toy Defense

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Toy Defense.

  1. Launch Toy Defense
  2. Click on the Heart icon
  3. Copy a Working Code from above
  4. Paste it into the Enter a Code text box
  5. Hit the Enter key

How Can You Get More Toy Defense Codes?

The easiest way to get more Toy Defense codes is to check this guide at the beginning of every month. We will update new codes as they appear so you are always up to date. Additionally, you can join the @IceBoltGamingIBG Youtube channel or their Glacid Games Discord Server. Glacid Games is also active on its Trello board, with progress updates and future roadmaps for the game.

Why Are My Toy Defense Codes Not working?

Your Toy Defense codes may not work because they expired or were mistyped into the text box during the redemption process. Please verify that the code you are trying to redeem isn’t expired and that it was typed correctly into the text box.

Other Ways to get Free Rewards in Toy Defense

Glacid Games says it will provide another code and additional rewards when Toy Defense reaches 11,000 likes. Make sure you hit that like button and recommend that all your friends do the same!

What is Toy Defense?

One of the most well-liked games on Roblox is Toy Defense. The game requires the player to construct barricades using plastic toy soldiers to defend against waves of enemy soldiers. The player must strategically place their soldiers and defensive structures with the resources provided. In between waves, the player can open Lunchboxes to acquire various blocks to improve their defense. Although progress may seem slow at the beginning, as the player advances through the game and unlocks more content, the experience becomes increasingly engaging.

- This article was updated on May 26th, 2023

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