Pokemon GO: How To Get Mega Energy To Mega Evolve

How do you claim this particular resource with ease in Pokemon GO?

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping to push their Pokemon to the next level in Pokemon GO love the idea of Mega Evolutions. While not every monster inside of this world can go beyond their standard power levels, the select few that can do just that can help bring a hectic battle to a close rather quickly.

But, how do players go about collecting Mega Energy for their favorite Pokemon, and are there any ways to just straight out purchase it from the Shop? Let’s dive right in and find out if our Pokecoins are useable in this situation, or if we are going to need to put in some extra work when we are out and about on our Pokemon GO adventures.

How To Get Mega Energy In Pokemon GO Quickly

There are only a few specific ways for players to get their hands on Mega Energy, and players can rack it up quickly if they’re strong in the battle against other Pokemon. The easiest and most effective way for players to get tons of Mega Energy is by partaking in Mega Raid Battles that happen across the map in this game.

As players are walking or moving around outside, start checking Gyms and PokeStops to see if there are any Mega Raids currently happening. Jump into battle against these powerful Pokemon with the help of a few local friends, or even those that are farther away with Remote Raid Passes, and defeat these monsters to get plenty of Mega Energy for that particular Pokemon.

Another option that players can do is jump into Special Research Stories that grant Mega Energy as a reward. More often than not, with new updates like the Valentine’s Day Update, players get the chance to jump into some extra Special Research that will reward them with plenty of unique items. If they are lucky enough, there should be some Mega Energy available for their Pokemon of choice to use before going into battle.

While players may only be able to Mega Evolve one Pokemon at a time, using this powerful monster will be more than enough to put most standard enemies down for the count. No matter if you are planning ahead to take on the Team GO Rocket crew, or want to battle against other Pokemon in other Raids, having a stockpile of Mega Energy is rather important.

It seems strange that there is currently no way to purchase Mega Energy, especially since Pokemon GO is often chastised for its harsh monetization practices, but there is a chance the ability to purchase Mega Energy with your PokeCoins could come in the future.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2023

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