Genshin Impact Fairy Knight Twins Boss Guide: How to Beat Angelica and Medoro

Check out how to beat the Fairy Knight Twins in Genshin Impact.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Among the wide array of underwater bosses you can face while exploring Fontaine in Genshin Impact, very few are as challenging as Angelica and Medoro, also known as the Fairy Knight Twins. But where exactly can you find the Fairy Knight Twins? And after finding the bosses. how can you defeat them?

Where to Find the Fairy Knight Twins in Genshin Impact

You will be able to find the Fairy Knight Twins in Genshin Impact by heading to the spot marked in the map below, located left of the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain. Once there, you will be able to spot Angelica and Medoro swimming by the side of a submerged tower.

  • Genshin-impact-Fairy-Knight-Twins-location
  • Genshin-impact-Fairy-Knight-Twins-location-1

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How to Defeat the Fairy Knight Twins

After entering the territory of the bosses, the first thing you must do is interact with the Xenochromatic Hunter’s Ray close to them and get the Wave Blade ability. This is a must, as our whole strategy depends on it.

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After getting the ability, you will be able to defeat Angelica and Medoro by first keeping your distance while waiting for them to perform their conjunct-charged attack. They will usually perform the attack after a series of 2 to 4 regular attacks.

Once they begin their charged attack, you will then be able to deal massive damage to both bosses as well as interrupt their move by hitting the orb at the center of their formation with a well-placed Charged Wave Blade. After performing the attack, just wait and then counter their charged attacks a few more times in order to defeat the bosses.

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  • How-to-Defeat-the-Fairy-Knight-Twins-in-Genshin-Impact-02
  • How-to-Defeat-the-Fairy-Knight-Twins-in-Genshin-Impact-03

If you fail to intercept any of their charged attacks during the fight, you will be able to avoid the move by continuously dashing right or left.

This guide was made while playing Genshin Impact on PC and PS5.

- This article was updated on August 16th, 2023

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