How to Sprint in Elden Ring

Outrun your foes and live to fight another day!

by Marc Magrini
An official screenshot in Elden Ring depicting the Astrologer class riding on Torrent

Elden Ring is a game with incredible depth. Even fans of FromSoftware’s previous entries might miss important pieces of knowledge about this title, such as the weaknesses of certain enemies. While Elden Ring is much more accessible thanks to online improvements and greater build variety, new players might end up without more important knowledge that veterans are aware of. For example, they might not be aware of every movement option available in Elden Ring – including sprinting – especially if they missed the Cave of Knowledge at the start. Learning how to sprint in Elden Ring might seem trivial for most, but it can be vital for the survival of first-time players.

How to Sprint in Elden Ring

Much like FromSoftware’s other action titles, sprinting is done by moving while holding the roll button. Tapping the button will only lead to a roll or a backstep; it must be held in order to activate sprinting. It should be noted that sprinting can be done directly after a roll or a backstep simply by continuing to hold the button while moving. If the player has access to Torrent, the roll button will simply provide a short boost of speed. To put it simply, hold the roll button when on foot and tap it repeatedly when on Torrent to sprint.

Players should be wary of their equipment load if they want full access to sprinting. Similar to how rolling cannot be done while over-encumbered, sprinting will be unavailable as well. This might not be an issue with the right equipment, however. A good example of this is the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War, which can allow players to rapidly move in any direction while dodging attacks. With or without these tools, sprinting is still immensely helpful for new players. With good stamina management, it’s possible to easily sprint past most enemies on the way to a boss fight, avoiding unnecessary conflicts as a player reaches their toughest battle yet.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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