Elden Ring: How to Get the Primal Glintstone Blade

Find one of the best Talismans for spellcasters if you can handle the trade-off!

by Marc Magrini
Elden Ring: How to Get the Primal Glintstone Blade

Some of the most powerful items in Elden Ring come with penalties in exchange for strength. The Primal Glintstone Blade is one of these items, reducing maximum HP in exchange for reduced spell costs. It’s not the only item that can reduce the cost of spells, but few pieces of equipment – including other Talismans – can match this one. The blade is a perfect addition to any player looking to deal immense damage with sorceries, and it can find plenty of use on support and healing builds as well. Any spellcaster in Elden Ring will benefit greatly from figuring out how to get the Primal Glintstone Blade for themselves.

How to Get the Primal Glintstone Blade in Elden Ring

This Talisman is only obtainable later on in the game; specifically, it can only be found in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Players must head to the Stargazers’ Ruins found after the long bridge connecting the bottom half of the area with the top half. The ruins are found on top of a cliff to the left of the player when they cross. Just be careful, as one wrong turn will lead you to a boss fight with the Death Rite Bird.


Upon reaching the Ruins, players will encounter a jellyfish yearning for its sister. They should take care not to kill it, but even if they do, the jellyfish will thankfully respawn after resting at a Site of Grace. It happens to be floating next to a staircase leading to the Primal Glintstone Blade, but the entrance to it is sealed. To pass the seal, players must answer the jellyfish’s wish and summon their own Spirit Jellyfish. You should already have the spirit by now, especially if you’ve spoken to Roderika at any time. After some dialogue, the two jellyfish will disappear and the seal will vanish, allowing the player to claim the Talisman as their prize.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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