Roblox Pixel Piece – How To Become A Pirate Or A Marine

Learn how to join a faction in Pixel Piece!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping to pick their alliance in Pixel Piece, the newest One Piece-inspired experience on Roblox finally can pledge their loyalty to the Marines or the Pirates. With the most recent 1.0 Update, this title finally grants players the ability to pick a side, each with its own benefits and downfalls.

But, no matter which side players pick, they will need to find a few different things. Let’s dive right into this world, and find out where players will need to go if they are planning on choosing the noble Marine route or becoming the most vicious pirate of them all.

How To Become A Marine In Pixel Piece

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  • Axe-Hand-Norgan
  • Anthony-Pixel-Piece
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Gamers hoping to become a Marine will want to make their way to Shells Town, the second village gamers come across. Those hoping to become a Marine should be at least a Level 45+ before taking on the boss of this area. If gamers are hoping to challenge the Marine Boss, they’ll want to head to the Northwest portion of the town, speak to Ranabana, and challenge Axe Hand Norgan.

Once Norgan has been defeated for the first time, the Sailor Certificate item will drop, which is needed to become a Marine. This item was available even before this update but served no real purpose until now. Players can continue challenging this boss, as Norgan can also drop the Iron Jaw or the Axe Hand weapon.

After challenging and defeating this enemy, players will want to turn back and head toward the two sword-bearing guards that are in front of a large set of doors in the center portion of the town. Players may remember seeing these NPC enemies near the Marines that they grinded against for a while to get more powerful.

Behind these guards is an NPC named Anthony. Players do not need to engage the swordsmen in battle, but for the EXP, it’s worth the time and effort. Once they have defeated or walked past these NPC characters, they’ll want to speak to Anthony, who will ask the player if they want to become a Marine. Players can select Yes or No and continue, but for those hoping to become a Marine, a 10,000 Beli payment is required.

How To Become A Pirate In Pixel Piece

Unfortunately, there is no proper way to become a Pirate in Pixel Piece at this moment, as the quest to start any of the progress is completely bugged. This means those hoping to become a Pirate may need to wait for a new Hot Fix or Update to roll out before they’ll finally be able to claim a spot next to the Straw Hat Pirates on their ship of choice.

Gamers hoping to get a head start when jumping into the world of Pixel Piece should check out all of the available codes for this experience, alongside some of the best accessories that players can find. While it may be a bit before gamers can claim the Clown Nose or the Kaba Scarf, knowing where to find these items and how to equip them can make them the strongest on their server in no time.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023

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