Best Races In Roblox Blox Fruits – All Races Ranked

Want to become the best Pirate or Marine in the game? Find out which race to roll for!

by Shaun Cichacki

For those hoping to start their adventure in Blox Fruit with the best stats available, finding out the best Race to try and roll for when starting is quite important. While the majority of players may get stuck as a particular race, some may not have even known that there were other races available.

Gamers that are hoping to get the best of the best in this exciting adventure should know that not only their Race will be important, but also the amount of powerful Devil Fruit and Weapons that players encounter on their sea-fairing adventure. Let’s find out which Race players should roll for, or try and earn in the future!

How To Change Race In Blox Fruits on Roblox

There are a few different ways that players will be able to change their race in Blox Fruits, allowing gamers of all levels to try and receive something new. Here are all of the currently available methods to get a new Race in Blox Fruits:

  • Purchase a Race Change for 90 Robux in the Products Shop
  • Give 3000 Fragments to the NPC Tort, who is located in The Cafe or Mansion

Once players have learned how to change their race, players can try and receive any of the Races listed below. With 6 currently available Races in Blox Fruits, find out which is the most powerful to start sailing the seas with!

6. Human Race

While Humans are not all that bad to play as they’re easily the worst Race within the world of Blox Fruits. Players can easily make their way through the game with this race, but players hoping to maximize their potential should instantly try to reroll for a new race as quickly as possible. With 80% of players initially spawning with this race, it’s the most common to encounter within the world.

5. Angel Race

For those that are hoping to reach new heights, the Angel Race may be the one that they strive for. With an extra jump boost that gives players of this race the chance to get to new areas with less platforming, it could be the ultimate one to roll for. However, for all other players, there really isn’t enough here to make it worthwhile, especially for those hoping to prove their combat skills in PVP.

4. Rabbit Race

For those hoping for speed over power, the Rabbit Race is the clear victor here. Easily the fastest race in the game, players will trade a bit of their overall power for a large increase in their overall speed. For those hoping to conquer all of the seas available in this game at the fastest rate possible, the Rabbit Race is bound to be a favorite. Just make sure you’ve got a good Devil Fruit to back yourself up with in case of a fight.

3. Cyborg Race

The Cyborg Race is one of the hardest to get in the game, as players will need to complete a few quests before the option to unlock it has been enabled. However, once they do, they’ll understand why it has climbed so far up the list so quickly. This is going to be the Race for those hoping to Tank their way through battles, as their insane defensive capabilities are more than enough to challenge almost any foe. Its special move, Energy Core, is slightly unfair but can be countered by high-skill players.

2. Shark Race

For those hoping to eliminate the effects of the water and explore the world of their own volition, Shark is bound to be a personal favorite for you. Alongside being quite powerful, the complete negation of water fruits can make this quite a powerful tool to have, as well as the skill Water Body being a primary threat to those hoping to cause you major damage. Easily the best standard Race currently available.

1. Ghoul Race

Much like Cyborg, the Ghoul Race is something that is only obtainable by players after completing a Quest. However, the Ghoul Race is overpowered in its current state, giving players the ability to sap the life from opponents and use it to heal themselves in the process. It’s quite overpowered, but great for those that can get their hands on it.

While skilled players may not need to rely on the Race to excel, having a wait to get ahead in Blox Fruits is quite important. There are plenty of players that have devoted countless hours to the game, so having a way to keep pace with a highly skilled opponent can feel quite excellent. Try these races out, and feel free to reroll if they don’t mesh with your playstyle!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023

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