Is the Starfield Constellation Edition Worth It? Explained

Are you trying to work out if the Starfield Constellation Edition is worth it?

by Gordon Bicker
Starfield Premium Edition Constellation Worth it
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Starfield has a few editions to choose from and collectors will likely have their eye on the Constellation Edition, which has a hefty price point. Because of this, you will need to know if it’s worth it. As with anything related to game editions, it all comes down to whether you personally think it is good to splash the cash out on them. But this article will take you through if I think the Starfield Constellation Edition will be worth it for you.

Starfield Constellation Edition Offerings | Worth It or Not?

The Starfield Constellation Edition will set you back just around $300 in total which could effectively be a large part of your rent for a month. However, the contents of the edition for any die-hard fans will absolutely be worth the price tag. I have found that Bethesda Game Studio experiences will tend to last you for long stretches of time and Starfield looks set to continue that reign. Everything included in the Constellation Edition has been listed below.

  • Shattered Space Story DLC when it releases
  • Steelbook Display Case
  • The Constellation Patch
  • A Starfield Chronomark Watch and Case — I would say this may be the most valuable!
  • Credit Stick with a Laser-Etched Game Code
  • 5 Days Early Access to Starfield
  • Starfield
  • Starfield Artbook (Digital) and the Original Soundtrack
  • The Constellation Skin Pack — (Contains Equinox Spacesuit, Laser Rifle, and Boost Pack)

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For those who pre-order the game (any edition above standard), you will get the Deep Mining Helmet, Laser Cutter, and Deep Mining Pack too. So there is certainly a great number of offerings there for you to grab. Plus all of the editions also come with the game (a true miracle, I know) since collector’s editions like Diablo IV’s did not decide to include that.

Are There Any Other Collector Editions of Starfield?

Yes, the Starfield Premium edition is an alternative offering if you’d like something a bit cheaper which still has extra value over the standard. The price point of the Premium edition is not as high, with it sitting just under $100 in total. You will actually still get the DLC included with that edition, so if you were aiming for just getting extra game story content then the Premium Edition could be a better choice.

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Now that you know everything about the Starfield Constellation Edition, you can make your final decision about what you spend the money on. Getting the Standard edition is also always an option too, it’s what I’ll be going for!

- This article was updated on August 14th, 2023

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