How to Find Falcon Scout Drones in Fortnite

We told you they're surveillance drones

by Thomas Cunliffe
Falcon Scout item in Fortnite
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The Falcon Scout is a brand-new item in Fortnite Chapter Four that allows the player to control a mechanical bird with many helpful features, such as the ability to mark enemies, open Chests, and carry loot.

With such valuable features, players are scrambling to log in and get their hands on their very own metal friends. But with no aviaries or engineering workshops on the island, where can you actually acquire a Falcon Scout in Fortnite?

Where to Find The Falcon Scout in Fortnite Chapter Four

As of Fortnite v23.20, the Falcon Scout is a part of the game’s regular item pool. This means it can be found in Chests, Oathbound Chests, Supply Drops, and on the ground. As always, you can also eliminate players holding Falcon Scouts to pilfer theirs.

Image via Epic Games

If you’re searching for a Falcon Scout, the best place to find one would be in The Citadel. This is because there are more Oathbound Chests in this area than any other, which are more likely to contain rare loot. Claiming The Citadel’s Capture Point will allow you to see all chests in the area for a short period, making your hunt for a mechanical companion far easier.

What Do Falcon Scouts Do?

Image via Epic Games

While some fans have been comparing it to Valorant’s Sova Drone, Fortnite’s Falcon Scout has some distinct and unique features. Falcon Scouts are controlled remotely once deployed. You can control where it soars, ping enemies and items, and also place markers for your squad. The Falcon Scout can also let out a caw to mark all enemies in its radius. These allegiant avians can also open Chests and containers and pick up loot!

You can use a Falcon Scout as often as you like, though it has its own health bar that will dismiss it when depleted. It also features a distance bar, which shows how far your falcon can stray from you before it is automatically dismissed.

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- This article was updated on January 18th, 2023

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