Red Dead Online How to Change Character Appearance

The first one is free.

by AOTF Staff

One of the most requested features by Red Dead Online players was to be able to change appearance.  With the latest update to the game it is now possible to completely change your look in Red Dead Online.

To change character appearance in Red Dead Online you simply need to hit left on the d-pad to open the Free Roam menu.  After that you’ll want to select online options and then scroll down to appearance.  The first time you change your appearance will be free, but if you want to change again it will cost gold or cash.

Once you head back into the Appearance menus you will find that you have all of the customization options you had at the start of Red Dead Online, except for the ability to change sex of your character.  You can change things like your race, hair style, eye color, and many others to completely change the way you look in Red Dead Online.

Anytime you are in free roam you can access the menu by pressing left on the d-pad, scrolling down to online options, and then selecting Change Appearance.  This will move you into a new area of the game where you won’t be able to control your character, so make you do it somewhere safe like at your camp with the white flag raised.