Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Get New Outfits & Change Clothes

Head to these locations for new outfits.

by AOTF Staff

In Red Dead Redemption getting new outfits is a neccesity because of a couple of different in-game factors.  There’s a realistic weather component to the game and you’re going to want to wear the right clothes whether you’re in the cold, snowy mountain areas or the hot swamps.  If you’re either too cold or too hot you will lose health.  Wearing the right outfit for the right weather is important.

It’s not the only thing though.  Getting new outfits will make you more respectable to the public.  It can also make you more feared.  You can choose to dress up as a gentleman, like a hunter, a cowboy, and a number of other outfits are available from numerous vendors in the game.

Some outfits require that you have a certain level of honor to purchase.

The first stop for getting new outfits in Red Dead Redemption should be the Tailor.  This will open up pretty early in the game, but there are numerous tailors across the game world with different inventories depending on which town you are in.

How to Change Clothes

You can change your outfits in the Wardrobe menu.  The Wardrobe can be found in Arthur Morgan’s Wagon at the gang’s camp.  You can also change clothes from the hotel if you rent a room.  Later in the game you will have a unique changing room at your home in Beecher’s Hope.

You can also change outfits instantly if you have them stored on your horse.  Within the Wardrobe Menu you can store outfits on your horse to quickly change clothes.

Where to Get New Outfits

Saint Denis


The trapper can make you unique outfits that are made out of the pelts of the animals that you hunt down.  For outfit items, pelts will need to be legendary or perfect quality and you will need to bring these items to the Trapper.  You will then turn in the pelt and pay cash to have the outfit made.

The Trapper can also create pieces of clothing that are not part of the above outfits.  Each requires that you have certain pelts, feathers, hides, skins or other animal parts.  The Trapper sells hats, vests, chaps, and boots.


The tailor in Saint Denis will allow you to purchase items out of the catalog for varying prices.  The Saint Denis tailor has unique items for purchase.  If there is a red lock by the item you will need to improve your honor to purchase it.


The fence will sell unique masks, and can craft wearable trinket items.

Van Horn Trading Post

Fence – The fence sells the same set of unique masks that are found in Saint Denis. The fence also crafts the same trinkets that are found in Saint Denis.

New Hanover

Trapper – The Tapper in New Hanover has the exact same inventory as the vendor in Saint Denis.


Fence – The fence in Rhodes sells the same goods and can craft the same items as in Saint Denis and Van Horn.


Tailor – The Tailor in Blackwater sells unique outfits and items in the clothing catalog.  If there is a red lock on an item you will need to raise your honor to purchase certain items.

- This article was updated on October 26th, 2018