Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How to Beat Divine Dragon / Old Dragons of the Tree

Ride the lightning.

by AOTF Staff

One of the best boss battles in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is definitely the Divine Dragon fight if just for its scale.  The boss battle will have you fighting a massive dragon and its minions in a two-phase affair.  This guide will explain how to beat phase one of the fight where you battle against the Old Dragons of the Tree and the second phase where you fight the Divine Dragon.

Old Dragons of the Tree Phase One

Before you even get to see the Divine Dragon you’re going to need to beat the Old Dragons of the Tree.  This is phase one of the Divine Dragon fight and the goal is pretty simply.  A bunch of white enemies will appear.  They have limited melee attacks and will periodically spew poison.  Your goal is to defeat all of the white enemies.  Some darker color enemies will also spawn in as you start to kill off the white ones.  You’ll want to remain focused on the white ones to progress to phase two.  The only real things to look out for here is the poison attacks, melee attacks, and a periodic part of the fight where the Old Dragons call in a tree that shoots up from the ground.

The white enemies will look to the sky when they are calling in the tree.  Simply get out of the way once this is initiated.  There will be three separate trees that shoot up from the ground.  After the third one rises, just head back into the fray and start killing them again.  Once you’ve got all the white enemies beaten you will move on to the second phase of the fight.

Divine Dragon Phase Two

Here is where you’ll finally get to see the Divine Dragon.  This is a massive boss on one of the game’s biggest stages.  The Divine Dragon has a number of different attacks but this fight is fairly straight forward if you know what to look for.  You’re going to be using lightning for this fight.  You’ll be looking for the spot where the lighting strikes on one of the trees and then you’re going to grapple there, harness the lighting, and then shoot it back at the Dragon.  To do this you’re simply going to use the grapple points as they become available.

There are numerous ways to do this, but we did it by jumping back and forth from tree to tree during the fight and then just grappling over to the one that had the lightning on it.  You could also hypothetically do this from the ground while dodging attacks as well.

How to Beat Divine Dragon in Sekiro

Either way you choose, you will need to look out for the Dragon’s massive sword as he’ll be slicing away during the entirety of this boss fight.  Some of the slices and attacks can be jumped over, while others need to be dodged to be avoided.

Once you get the dragon down to low health, you’ll need to dodge one last barrage from the enemy and then another set of trees will appear.  Simply jump to the one with the lightning and a cinematic will trigger.  Once you’re back on the ground you’ll simply walk up the dragon’s sword and stab him in the eye to finish this fight.

Having trouble with this boss fight?  You can check out the video below to see how we beat the Divine Dragon Boss fight in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.