Sekiro: How to Get to Senpou Temple

Make your way through the Abandoned Dungeon to access Senpou Temple

by AOTF Staff

Senpou Temple is one of the areas that you can get to in the game after you’ve done some exploring.  The Senpou Temple area is home to some tough enemies so you will want to be properly leveled before you go exploring this region in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.  This guide will explain exactly where you need to go to find the Senpou Temple area in Sekiro.

How to get to Senpou Temple in Sekiro

The first time that you go to Senpou Temple it will likely be because you’ve made it through the Abandoned Dungeon in Ashina Castle.  This dimly lit area is dangerous and daunting if you just for the fact that you can’t see much and it’s filled with deadly enemies.  From the bridge where you’ve entered Ashina Castle you will want to head to the area to your left and across another bridge to find the Abandoned Dungeon Sculptor’s Idol fast travel point. You will encounter a powerful bell-wielding enemy here.

Alongside the fast travel point you will find the Dungeon Memorial Mob vendor.  Depending on how much you have upgraded your character to this point this area can be incredibly difficult or easy to get through.  The Abandoned Dungeon path to Senpou Temple will have multiple idols to unlock that will help save your progress.

As you make your way through the Abandoned Dungeon you will come across a rope that you can pull that is labeled “Operate Mechanism.”  You will want to pull this rope which will call an elevator.   This elevator will take you to the Senpou Temple starting area.   Before you enter you will find another Sculptor’s Idol, give you quick access to this area anytime you want.

There are multiple things you’re going to need to do in this area to complete it.  You’ll need to get the Mortal Blade.  You’ll also need to make your way to the Corrupted Monk and beat them.