Pokemon GO: Tynamo Spotlight Hour – Schedule, Shiny Odds & Perfect IV Stats

Get ready for the upcoming Spotlight Hour for Tynamo in Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki

For those hoping to get outside and capture a few new Pokemon within the world of Pokemon GO, the Spotlight Hour event is something to keep an eye out for. Each week, a new Pokemon gets a chance to shine, and it looks like it’s Tynamo‘s chance to blaze brightly. This Electric-type Pokemon has a great evolution chain and has plenty to offer players ready to capture them.

But, when it comes to the Spotlight Hour event, what can players expect to see? Well, those that are jumping in will be treated to a bonus, alongside the possibility of encountering a Shiny Variant, if they’re available in the game. Let’s find out everything you may need to know about this upcoming Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Tynamo Spotlight Hour Schedule & Bonus

For those players hoping to dive right in and capture a fair few Tynamo, they’ll want to clear some time off of their schedule from 6:00pm until 7:00pm Local Time. The time for this event is unlikely to change, as it has stuck with this time frame since the beginning of these particular events.

However, for those players making their way out into the world, they can also expect to rack up some excellent bonus candies, as each Pokemon caught during this time frame will give x2 Catch Candy. This is great for those hoping to evolve their favorite Pokemon quickly, and have enough to power them up a fair amount.

Can Tynamo Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

For those players that love the thrill of a Shiny Hunt, the Spotlight Hour can be one of the best times of the week. However, it looks like players may need to wait until the next Spotlight Hour, as Tynamo cannot be found in Pokemon GO as a Shiny. This is unfortunate, especially for players that hope to have a Shiny Eelektross on their team in the future.

While there may be a chance that Tynamo gets a Shiny Variant in the future, players may need to wait a little while longer than expected. New Shiny Debuts normally only happen during large events, and the upcoming Crackling Voltage Event does not feature this particular Pokemon receiving their Shiny Form.

While they don’t offer any competitive advantage, players love hunting for Shiny Pokemon, due to their Rarity and the chance to see their favorite Pokemon in a new form. Those lucky enough to encounter one should keep their eyes peeled at the start of an encounter for a flash of stars, as well as an icon next to the Pokemon’s name to signal that they are Shiny.

Tynamo Perfect IV Stats in Pokemon GO

Trainers hoping to add a powerful new Electric-type Pokemon to their team really won’t be disappointed, as this Pokemon doesn’t flop when it comes to bringing the power. While there are plenty of other Pokemon that may be more powerful than this little fish, their size and speed more than make up for it, especially as they make their way up the evolution chain.

  • Max CP: 811
  • Max HP: 99
  • Attack: 105
  • Defense: 78
  • Stamina: 111

Gamers that have found themselves capturing a fair too many Tynamo should ensure that they’ve upgraded their Inventory Space as soon as possible, especially if they are planning on utilizing something like an Auto Catcher during these events. If you find yourself a little short on PokeCoins, finding the best defenders to leave in your local Gyms can help gamers rake in the coins quickly and painlessly.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2023

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