All Cameos and Appearances in The Flash (Movie)

Here are all the cameos in The Flash that you may have missed!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: DC Entertainment

Are you wondering who appears in all cameos in The Flash and what that means for the franchise in the future? In the film, we witness two versions of Barry Allen journeying into alternate universes, resulting in numerous cameos from actors who portrayed legendary characters from decades past. Additionally, a handful of unexpected cameos unrelated to DC bring enjoyment to the experience. Here’s every notable appearance and cameo in 2023’s The Flash.

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash follow below. You’ve been warned!

The Flash (Movie): Every Cameo From the DC Universe

Nicolas Cage

Image: Warner Bros.

Cage was supposed to play Superman in a canceled film called Superman Lives. This film would have been another superhero flick for Tim Burton. In The Flash, we see Cage’s Superman fighting a giant spider using his heat vision similar to stills used to promote the film back in the day.

George Clooney

Image: Warner Bros.

After Allen fixes everything in The Flash and returns to what he thought was the original timeline, he quickly realizes this isn’t the case. When Allen seeks out Batman in his timeline, he realizes that Ben Affleck is no longer Batman but has been replaced by George Clooney. However, James Gunn stated that Clooney would not be playing Batman. Clooney appeared in the infamous Batman & Robin, which is generally regarded as one of the worst superhero films of all time.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Image: Universal Pictures

Coster-Waldau appears in The Flash as a random guy during a quick blink-and-you-‘ll-miss-it moment. When alternate Barry Allen is testing his powers in Central City, he steals Coster-Waldau’s slice of pizza. Muschietti and Coster-Waldau worked together on the horror film Mama, which might explain the random cameo.

Gal Gadot

Image: DC Entertainment

Gadot’s Wonder Woman shows up briefly in The Flash when she saves Batman and a criminal from falling into Gotham River. Other than that, she doesn’t appear further or affect the film’s events in any way.

Jason Mamoa

Image: DC Entertainment

After Allen fixes everything in The Flash film and returns to what he thought was the original timeline, he quickly realizes this isn’t the case. Along with Clooney’s version of Batman, a drunk Mamoa shows up during a quick scene that will have long-lasting ramifications for the DCU.

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Temuera Morrison

Image: DC Entertainment

When Allen realizes what he had done when he saved his mother, he tries to find other superheroes. This search eventually leads him to call Thomas Curry, the father of Arthur Curry, in this Allen’s timeline. Instead, he finds a Thomas Curry played by Temuera Morrison, who never met Queen Atlanna and never had Arthur Curry as a son. Instead, one of Curry’s dogs is named Arthur.

Andy Muschietti

Image: ScreenSlam

The director of The Flash appears in the film when Allen steals his hotdog. At the film’s end, after Allen returns to his timeline, we see him head to his Dad’s appeal. During this scene, he steals a hot dog from Muschietti’s character.

Christopher Reeve

Image: Warner Bros.

Reeve’s Superman from Superman: The Movie shows up during a Speed Force Cameo, standing on a rooftop, ready to battle. He is not alone, however; with him stands Helen Slater’s Supergirl (more on that later).

George Reeves

Image: Superman Inc.

Reeves, who played Superman in Adventures of Superman, is the first cameo to show up in The Flash. During the cameo, we see him standing in his classic Pose to honor his contributions to the genre.

Helen Slater

Image: Columbia Pictures

Slater played Supergirl in the unfortunate 1984 movie. While the film wasn’t successful, it did place her in the same universe as Superman: The Movie, played by Christopher Reeve, who also makes an appearance in The Flash during a Speed Force cameo (his appearance is discussed above).

Teddy Sears

Image: CW

In The Flash film, Sears appears as the original character who wore that iconic helmet, Jay Garrick. Ironically, Sears pretended to be Garrick on CW’s The Flash show but was revealed instead as Zoom (and later Black Flash).

Adam West

Image: 20th Century-Fox Television

West’s Batman appears in The Flash during a quick Speed Force cameo. We see a black-and-white still of West’s iconic run during the scene. We also hear Cesar Romero’s iconic Joker laugh in the background during the scene.

Movie Easter Eggs

Image: Universal Pictures

Cameos from popular superheroes aren’t the only cameos and easter eggs we get. During The Flash, we see some alternate reality takes on popular movies. For instance, Eric Stoltz remained as Marty McFly in Back to the Future, Michael J Fox starred in Footloose, and Kevin Bacon in Top Gun.

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