How to Inspect Weapons in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Show off your skins and blueprints.

by Diego Perez
Modern Warfare Warzone Velikan Operator

Season 5 is now live in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the ability to inspect your weapons has been added to the game with this new update. The season brought many major changes with it, like the introduction of the Shadow Company faction and the opening of the Verdansk stadium in Warzone, but the ability to inspect weapons has been a highly requested feature since Modern Warfare first launched last year. Now, you can show off all your hard-earned weapon skins and blueprints like you can in many other popular shooters.

How to Inspect Weapons in Modern Warfare

To inspect your weapon on PS4 or Xbox One, hold Left on the D-Pad. To inspect your weapon on PC, just hold the I key. After holding the correct button for two seconds, an animation will play that will show off every aspect of your weapon. You’ll be able to get a full view of your equipped weapon blueprint as well as the stickers and charms you’ve placed on it. The inspection animation is largely the same for most weapons, but certain weapons like knives have interesting animations that can really spice up a final killcam or Play of the Game.


Weapon inspections are a popular feature that have been in multiple shooters over the years, including past Call of Duty titles like Black Ops 4. They can be used to display rare weapon skins and items or to show off at the end of a round, granting players another way to mess with the enemy team outside of sprays and gestures. The weapon inspections in Modern Warfare are a bit slower than they are in other games, so it might not be the best idea to inspect your gun when enemies are nearby. If someone catches you while you’re inspecting your weapon, you’ll likely be shot dead before the animation finishes. Still, if you know you have a window to perform one, a weapon inspection can amplify an awesome play that you think will could be the Play of the Game.

- This article was updated on August 11th, 2020

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