Modern Warfare – How to Unlock Akimbo

Dual wield pistols with this new perk.

by Diego Perez
Modern Warfare Operator Pistol

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 added a ton of Modern Warfare 2 nostalgia to the game, including the fan-favorite map Rust and the iconic Ghost, but one new addition that wasn’t advertised as heavily is the new Akimbo perk, allowing players to dual wield pistols. Unlocking Akimbo, which takes up a perk slot in the Gunsmith, doesn’t take too long, but the process varies from pistol to pistol.

How to Unlock Akimbo in Modern Warfare

Unlocking the Akimbo perk is similar to unlocking the Crossbow from last Season. To unlock Akimbo, you have to complete a small challenge listed in the pistol’s perk slot in the Gunsmith. This challenge is different for every pistol, but each challenge is fairly straightforward.

The following is a list of every challenge needed to unlock Akmibo for every pistol in Modern Warfare:

  • X16 – Get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the Sleight of Hand perk
  • 1911 – Get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the Mo’Money perk
  • .357 – Get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the Recon perk
  • M19 – Get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the Frangible-Wounding perk
  • .50 GS – Get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the FMJ perk

After getting the necessary amount of kills, Akimbo will be unlocked as a perk for that respective pistol. Considering Akimbo takes up the perk slot, that only leaves you with four other attachment slots to customize your pistol to your liking. Completing these challenges should not take very long, and you should be able to unlock Akimbo for a pistol in just a few matches on Rust.

Alongside the Akimbo perk, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 has added tons of other features, including new and returning maps, cool new Operators like Mace and Talon, inventive new modes like Infected Ground War and Gunfight Tournaments, and powerful new weapons like the Striker 45. There’s also the new Battle Pass, which rewards unique cosmetic items and the new Operator, Ghost, returning from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2020

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