Unleash Your Inner Explorer With New Archaeology Tools In Minecraft Snapshot 1.20

by Shaun Cichacki

As gamers get ready to unleash some treasures with the newest Minecraft Snapshot, players may be wondering what is in store for those that are ready to jump in and download the newest version of the game. While Bedrock may be a little behind on all of the features, it’s the version most gamers get to enjoy.

But, for those playing the Java Edition on PC, Snapshot gives players a chance to dive a bit deeper into the world they know and love, all while testing out features that most gamers will need to wait to get their hands on. Let’s find out what treasures lie beneath the crust of the Earth in this new update to the platform!

What Is Coming In The Next Minecraft Snapshot Update?

With the most recent update to Minecraft Snapshot, players got the chance to test out Armor Trims and change up the look of their favorite types of protection. However, with the next update, things are about to get a bit dirty, as fans put on their best Indiana Jones cosplay and start excavating the Earth.

Players will get the chance to dig deep and uncover ancient mysteries hidden below the surface. Finding shards in the world beneath the surface will give gamers the perfect chance to earn a new special item: a pot. What the mystery of this pot is will soon be discovered as the update goes live, but players may need to speculate for a little while longer.

When Will This New Update Be Available?

Unfortunately, there is no news as to when this update will be going live. Seeing as the most recent update is only a few weeks old, players may need to wait a little while longer before getting the chance to jump into this newest Snapshot and test everything out.

It’s exciting to see that this feature is finally coming to our favorite Sandbox Builder, so players that are building the best starter home will have a reason to start decorating to their heart’s content. With endless possibilities that just seem to keep growing, players will have to do their best to keep up with all of the action.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 10th, 2023

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