Who Is Herobrine In Minecraft? – Lore Explained

Who is the terrifying Herobrine in Minecraft? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki

The legend of Herobrine is something that almost all Minecraft players know about. But, who exactly is Herobrine, and what makes them important? Are they an actual mob available to find in the world, or are they just something more along the lines of an urban legend?

Let’s dive in and find out everything there is to know about Herobrine, what started the rumors of their appearance in the game, and if they are actually available to find anywhere in the world. What is the true origin of this frightening entity, and have they inspired anything within the game?

Who Is Herobrine in Minecraft?


Herobrine is something of an urban legend, started back in 2010 by a 4chan user. He detailed in a post about a mysterious creature that looked creepily like Steve, the main character of the Minecraft franchise, but with blank, white eyes. He appeared after the world surrounding the player began being engulfed with fog.

The Minecraft that we know and love today is a completely different beast from the Alpha Period Minecraft, as players never knew what was coming next. After the emergence of Herobrine on the /x Board of 4chan, players were terrified, and intrigued. After much convincing, gamers eventually learned that the existence of Herobrine was nothing more than an elaborate hoax, leading players on a wild goose chase for a creature that never actually existed.

While some players may be disappointed seeing that Herobrine was nothing more than an Urban Legend, there have still been official mentions of this particular character in the Minecraft lore. From the “removal” of Herobrine on the Xbox 360 version of the game, to official artwork having him in the background, the developers at Mojang are in on the lore of this particular character.

Is Herobrine Actually In The Game?

Unless players are on a modded copy of the game, Herobrine has never actually been in this game. There has never been any code suggesting that this character, model, or anything in between has ever actually been included in the world of Minecraft. However, with how well done and elaborate the hoax was back in the day, it’s easy to understand how people may have been tricked into believing that Herobrine did exist at one point.

More than anything at this point, Herobrine is just a large community effort to keep something that never existed alive, and it’s quite an interesting rabbit hole to fall into. While we may not ever see this demonic version of Steve in a legitimate, vanilla version of Minecraft, there are plenty of mods to bring this terrifying entity into your world. Just make sure you’ve built a proper house to keep them away, and if you need to run, have your horses ready and primed at an Animal Farm.

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- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023

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