How Do You Get Blood Magic in Minecraft?

Check out how to unlock the ability to wield Blood Magic in Minecraft!

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Minecraft is a game that has in the way it allows players to freely customize the game’s world its main feature, which in turn allows them to create some truly breathtaking environments. But did you know that you can, although thanks to a mod, actually wield blood magic in the game? Now, in order to allow you to awaken the Dark Mage inside you, here’s how to unlock the ability to use Blood Magic in Minecraft.

How do You Get Blood Magic in Minecraft?

In order to unlock the ability to use Blood Magic in Minecraft, you need to first of all download the Blood Magic mod, which was developed by WayofTime and TehNut. You can download the mod, as well as learn all about it on its CurseForge page. According to the mod’s creators. downloading the Just Enough Items mod can significantly improve the experience, as it will allow you to check out the recipe of many items.

Once you downloaded the files and performed the necessary steps, you will now have to download the Guide-API mod in order to get access to the Sanguine Scientiem book, which will be your main lore source, as well as feature an introduction to the Blood Magic mod and many of its exclusive items, such as the Blood Altar, the Sacrificial Knife, and the Blood Orb. Differently from the latter, which is a result of blood magic, both the Blood Altar and the Sacrificial Knife are must-haves in order to unlock the ability to perform such magic in the game.

How to Make the Blood Altar and the Sacrificial Knife

Once you downloaded all of the resources above, you will be able to make the tier 1 Blood Altar by vertically placing the following items in the grid, in this order: Stone, Stone, Gold Ingot, -, Furnace, Gold Ingot, Stone, -, Gold Ingot.

The Sacrificial Knife, on the other hand, can be made by using 3 Glass blocks placed horizontally, followed by a Gold Ingot at the center of the grid. The Ingot will then be followed by a Glass at its right and then by an Iron Ingot and another unit of glass, placed at the first and last slots of the last roll, respectively.

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- This article was updated on January 3rd, 2023

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