Warframe Path vs Paradox Path Differences – Which Path Should You Choose?

Time to make the decision of what path you want in Warframe.

by Gordon Bicker
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Warframe has always been developed in a slightly similar way to when it first came out, but with the Paradox path making an entrance that is now changed. The Paradox path arrived with the Duvuri Paradox update which saw a host of new content being added. This article will take you through everything you need to know about the Warframe Path and Paradox Path differences — including which to choose.

Warframe Path and Paradox Path Differences

The difference between the Warframe and Paradox Path is that you won’t automatically start with getting the choice to choose a Warframe. Instead, you will first be a “Drifter” on the Paradox path. Nonetheless, you will still get to choose a starter Warframe while working your way through the main Paradox Path. Within this path, you will of course be getting to experience some newer content earlier.

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The Duvuri Paradox quest is the starter quest for the Paradox Path but the other questline is related to the Grineer, Vor, on the Warframe path. This focuses on you going up against Vor who is known as a brutal Grineer Officer in the Origin System. It is one of the earliest memories for many Warframe players who went up against them.

Should I Choose the Warframe Path or Paradox Path?

We would recommend starting with the Paradox Path if you’re wanting a more story-focused and narrative-based opening. If you just want to slice through enemies with unwavering abilities and skills, choose the Warframe Path. Regardless of what path you decide to opt for, you will still eventually reach the point where each path converges and meshes.

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There is no major drawback to choosing either path apart from affecting some of the starting loot you can acquire. Over time you will have the chance to gain the same equipment and mods so you shouldn’t feel too much of a strain on the Paradox Path. For now Tenno, you can get started with making your name known across the Warframe universe.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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