The 5 Best Companions in Warframe

Who is the strongest companion for your adventure?

by Elliott Gatica

You can customize basically anything for your Warframe, weapons, and other auxiliary parts. When it comes to companions, they are a big thing in the game. With over a dozen options to choose from, they will also have their individual power rankings. So, of all the options, what are the best companions to use in Warframe? Check out our results below.

Best Companions in Warframe

This will have a mix of sentinels and pets. Note that acquiring a pet will take longer compared to a sentinel.

Carrier/Carrier Prime

With the recent changes to the ammo economy in the game, Carrier can help alleviate the problem of running out. It’ll be especially useful for people who like to wield power weapons but aren’t willing to give up a mod slot for higher reserves. This sentinel acts as a free Ammo Drum and Ammo Mutation mod. Just know that the benefits are gone if it dies in a mission.



This sentinel is a perfect choice if you’re playing high-level content and need something to last throughout. Djinn is basically an unkillable companion when equipped with the Reawaken mod. This works even after proccing mods like Regen or Primed Regen. 

Helios/ Helios Prime

If you’re looking to scan all the enemies and other things in the game to fill out your Codex, Helios has you covered. This will be even more useful if you want to test out your builds in the Simulacrum since you need fully scanned enemies to fight there. Just know that it does use up Codex Scanners, so stock up on a few thousand and you’ll be set for life.



If you’re looking to pick up materials for crafting Apothics, Oxylus will make your life easier. When equipped with the Botanist mod, it will scan plants within a 50-meter radius, granting you units of whatever it scans.

Additionally, when equipped with the Scan Aquatic Lifeforms mod, it eliminates the need to use Luminous Dye when fishing. This will especially be useful when taking on the rare fish Nightwave challenges on either the Orb Vallis or the Plains of Eidolon. The Scan Aquatic Lifeforms mod also applies to the fish in Deimos’ Cambion Drift.

Smeeta Kavat

Despite some stealth nerfs to resource gains, the Smeeta Kavat is perhaps the best actual pet in Warframe. Not only can it survive better because of mods like Link Health, Link Armor, and Link Shields, but it also has the Charm ability. 

This Smeeta-exclusive ability bestows a critical hit chance, energy replenishment, double XP and resource pickup, instant reload, rare resource, or over shield buff. While either one is random, this helps tremendously especially in endless missions where the difficulty progressively ramps up. 

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 2nd, 2023

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