How to Get all Phantasma Prime Relics in Warframe

One of the best shotguns in the game just got a Prime. You need this NOW.

by Elliott Gatica

Revenant Prime couldn’t come unarmed in a fight, so he brought his signature Phantasma Prime into the mix. It’s significantly stronger than its counterpart, so you surely want to pick it up, especially since it’s one of the better Primary Weapons in the game. If you’re looking to take the free-to-play grinding route for the weapon, these are the needed Relics that contain the Phantasma Prime in Warframe.

All Needed Phantasma Prime Relics in Warframe

Unlike Revenant Prime, this has a more spread-out set of relics that you’ll need to farm for.

  • Phantasma Prime Blueprint – Axi N9 – Uncommon
  • Phantasma Prime Stock – Lith P6 – Rare
  • Phantasma Prime Receiver – Meso K4 – Common
  • Phantasma Prime Barrel – Meso P10 – Rare

As you’ll notice, this weapon will have two rare components. Luckily, these are in the lower-tier Relics, so they are slightly easier to obtain than their Axi counterparts. You’ll also want to turn these Relics into Radiant tier so that it significantly increases the chances of the rare parts dropping.

There isn’t much needed to craft the Phantasma Prime either. You simply need to get the blueprint and all of its parts, 15,000 credits, and 10 Orokin cells.

If you want to obtain the Relics faster so you can get your hands on all the parts needed to craft the Phantasma Prime, you can follow similar steps laid out in our Khora Prime guide.

Essentially, you want to partake in the quick speedrunning of simple objective missions in the Void. With a proper build, you can clear these missions in less than 2 minutes with a high chance of earning a Relic. Make sure not to grind so hard that you burn out. There are plenty of other means to earn Relics in the game, like from Syndicate packs, buying them from other players, and from endless missions.

Diversify the types of missions you play in the game. Besides, Orokin Cells are a rare resource to come by. You can kill two birds with one stone by partaking in survival missions in Ceres or Deimos. Optimize farming methods as much as possible so you cut your grinding time significantly and prevent burnout.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 6th, 2022

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