Where to Find Extra Thumper Parts for Chipper in Kahl’s Junk Run Mission in Warframe

Kahl salvage parts for friend.

by Elliott Gatica

As one of the six challenges for this week’s Kahl mission, you are tasked to find some spare parts for your newly saved friend, Chipper. Luckily for you, and unlike the other tasks to look in multiple areas for challenges, this is a set objective. So, here’s how and where to find the extra Thumper parts for Chipper in Kahl’s Junk Run mission in Warframe.

Where to Find the Extra Thumper Parts for Chipper in Kahl’s Junk Run

Right around the area where you’d find the fourth imprisoned Ostron, there is a dead-end path with water. Daughter will have a funny interaction with Kahl about water and Kahl will basically say he doesn’t like it. While this isn’t the main path to go to, you can drain the water here.

Doing so will unlock another explorable part of the mission. To do so, you’ll have to use the camera console right before the water. Solve the puzzle by matching the corresponding shapes with those slightly hidden in the water. The first one you see on the left will correspond to the left while the one more hidden and submerged in the water will be the one you need for the right.

Now that the water is drained, you’ll be able to claim one of the six side objectives for this week’s Kahl mission. While Kahl says that Chipper won’t really like the rusted parts of this wrecked Thumper, he’ll be sure to reward you with more Stock so you can buy additional wares from the newly saved Fortuna crewman.

For this challenge to count, you will also have to complete the mission. You can’t just check this objective off the board and quit out. The progress won’t be saved. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get 5 kills within 3 seconds in Kahl’s Junk Run mission, checking off two challenges for the price of one.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2022

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