How to Hit the Griddy in Madden 24

Here's how to do the Griddy in Madden 24... Justin Jefferson would be proud!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: EA Sports

Do you want to know how to hit the Griddy in Madden NFL 24? When you score a touchdown, you have to do a little dance to celebrate your domination over the other team (especially when playing against other players online), and there’s no better diddy than the Griddy. The popular celebration dance was created by Allen Davis and made famous by Justin Jefferson during the 2020 NFL season. Here’s how to do the Griddy in Madden 24 and real life.

How to do the Griddy in Madden 24

Image: EA Sports

The Giddy made its appearance in Madden last year and fans should be happy to know that you can do the celebration in Madden NFL 24 after scoring a touchdown.

Here’s how to hit the Griddy in Madden 24:

  1. Play as Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, or D.J. Chark
  2. Score a touchdown
  3. PlayStation Controller: Press and hold the L2 button and push the right stick to the left
  4. Xbox Controller: Press and Hold the LT button and push the right stick to left

Jefferson, Chase, and Chark are the only players with the Griddy in their celebration locker. Upon scoring a touchdown with any of these three players, you can use the above controls to perform the Griddy in Madden 24. If more players perform the Griddy during the latest NFL season, then EA Sports will most likely give them the celebration in Madden 24.

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How to the Griddy Touchdown Dance Celebration

Here’s how to do the Griddy touchdown dance celebration in real life!

  1. Score a touchdown in Madden 24
  2. Tap your heels, alternating between left and right foot forward.
  3. Make an “OK” symbol with your hands and while in rhythm bring them up to your eyes like imaginary goggles
  4. Swing your arms back and forth and across
  5. Repeat until your opponent is utterly destroyed

Now you can jump off the couch and hit the Griddy with your character in Madden NFL 24!

- This article was updated on August 16th, 2023

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