Warframe Twitch Drops: How to Get Free Items From Twitch in Warframe

Get a free syandana and more!

by Elliott Gatica

It’s a good feeling to get some free things for the games you play. The feeling’s even better when these are legit and safe ways to do so without going on shady parts of the internet. In terms of Warframe, you can earn Twitch drops by simply participating in their streams. Here’s how you can do so to get some free items in-game.

How to Get Free Twitch Drops for Warframe

Like many other games that support Twitch drop campaigns, you’ll want to make sure that your account is linked to the streaming website. You can either do this through Warframe’s website or through Twitch’s connection settings. Here are the steps for both:

Through Warframe

  • Log in through your platform on Warframe’s official website
  • Visit warframe.com/twitch/link
  • Click the Link Account button on the page.
  • Follow the steps on-screen like entering Twitch credentials and allowing permission.

Through Twitch

  • On the website, click on your profile and click “Settings”
  • Click on the “Connections” tab
  • Look for Warframe and click “Connect”

Now, if you managed to do this correctly, check your inbox in Warframe and see if you have received the Broca Prominence Syandana. It’s the freebie you get just for linking your account, but also an indicator that you have successfully done so.

You’ll also want to stay tuned when the official Warframe Twitch channel goes live, particularly for Dev Streams and Prime Times since those usually have some kind of watching incentive like the aforementioned drops. These usually will require you to watch 30 consecutive minutes of a particular stream. VODs and watching these streams on YouTube do not count.

Besides, if you watch these streams live, you have a chance to win 1,000 platinum or the latest Prime Access pack. While you’re getting a freebie by sticking around, you can claim an additional reward if you’re lucky. It’s an extra incentive to stick around for those big prizes.

So, make sure your account is ready to go, especially since Prime Times and Dev Streams are going to make a return starting this week. After TennoCon and the big debuts there, the team at Digital Extremes is going all in to roll out some much-needed updates to the game.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on August 23rd, 2022

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