How to Unlock the Underground Court of Fontaine Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact

Are you looking for the Court of Fontaine Underground Teleport in Genshin Impact?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Genshin Impact has many Teleport Waypoints to find all across the land and some can even be found under it like one of the Waypoints in the Court of Fontaine. However, I have found trying to track down this Waypoint location can take a long time without noticing a particular entrance. This article will take you through how to unlock the underground Court of Fontaine Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact.

Underground Court of Fontaine Teleport Waypoint Location in Genshin Impact

  • Underground-Door-Location-on-map-in-Fontaine-Genshin-Impact
  • Door-to-underground-Fontaine-in-Genshin-Impact
  • Fontaine-Underground-in-Genshin-Impact

In order to find the easiest entrance to the underground in Court of Fontaine head to the location shown on the map above. It is directly next to the restaurant and all you have to do is hop over the fence and you will see stairs leading down to a large metal door. Go through this door and then there will be a large sewage pipe (what I think it looks like) for you to hop down. I highly recommend making sure to glide or use the platforms while you are traveling down so you don’t take any fall damage.

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Once you are within the underground section, head through the tunnels and you will be able to slip by a large circular gate at the side. The Teleport Waypoint will be clearly in sight from here and you can make your way towards it. Once there, simply activate it as per usual and now you have the underground Teleport Waypoint ready to go.

Benefits of Unlocking the Court of Fontaine Underground Teleport

By unlocking the underground teleport it means that you won’t have to go through any massive travels to reach the underground part of Fontaine again. Not only that but it is also directly next to a viewpoint called the “Land of Corroded Shadows and Tainted Currents” which you can add to the archives afterward — plenty of benefits for traveling down!

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Now that you know how to unlock the Court of Fontaine underground Teleport Waypoint, you will be prepared for any other underground searches for Waypoints you have to make in Genshin Impact!

- This article was updated on August 16th, 2023

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