New GTA Online Garage Duplicate Glitch

by AOTF Staff

Vehicle Duplication glitches in GTA Online has become a popular method for players to earn massive amounts of cash in Rockstar’s GTA V. Until now, glitches have entailed duplicating cars using the Los Santos Customs glitch, which players were using to dupe high value items for resale.

A new method discovered by GTA 5 Cheats, however, allows players to duplicate entire garages full of cars — expediting cash flow exponentially.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

You’ll need to first start an invite only session with a friend. Then, select one of your GTA Online characters that does not own the cars that you intend to duplicate. Reports suggest that having no cars would be best.

The next step entails filling up your garage with stolen vehicles. Once you do, you’ll switch back to the other character with the cars that you intend to duplicate.

After that, you’ll invite your friend to your apartment. Have your friend access a web page on their phone once in the apartment. Your friend can relax and browse the web for the time being. Next, you’ll swap to your other character. You may be placed in another game session when doing so.

If you do get put in another session, just have your friend invite you back to the lobby while staying on the phone. Once back in the game, if you return to your garage, you’ll notice that the vehicles you’ve hijacked have been replaced with the vehicles that you wanted duplicated.

You’ll want to be careful though, you’ll need to take each car outside of the garage and then back in to save them.

Did this method work for you? It’s unclear how long this method will work for considering Rockstar’s recent push to purge cheaters from GTA Online. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2019