How to get a Fighter Jet in GTA Online

by AOTF Staff

So now that GTA Online is working for the most part, Xbox Live and PSN players are out and about in Los Santos taking jobs, earning cash, and just causing havok in the streets. But why settle for a measly drive-by shooting when you can do a fly-by?

Breaking into the military base in West San Andreas will give you an opportunity to use some serious hardware against your online rivals. The Fighter Jet can be secured by jumping over the north wall of the military installation by lining up a jump just right.

You can follow the video below for the exact location, or take a look at this picture for a glimpse at where the entry to the jump location is. Once you find the path, get your car up to speed and hit the hill to launch yourself over the fence.


Once over the fence head to the center of the base, and there will be numerous fighter jets strewn across the runways and hangars. Avoid the tanks and dead-eye soldiers and you’ll be soaring across the skies of Los Santos in no time flat.

Once you’ve got the hardware you can go search for online players and hurl missles and machine gun rounds from above.

How to Get A Fighter Jet in GTA Online

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2019