Madden 24 MUT Team Captain Tier List: Best Team Captains in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team Ranked

Ranking all the team captains in Madden 24 Ultimate Team.

by Christian Bognar
Best Team Captains in MUT 24
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Madden 24 brings all new captains to MUT, and this year are some of the best the franchise has seen. There are four captains in Madden Ultimate Team: Frank Gore, Kevin Mawae, Ronde Barber, and Eric Berry. This guide will rank all the captains for MUT in Madden 24.

Who Are the Best Team Captains in Madden 24 Ultimate Team?

Team captains are important in Madden NFL 24. Upgrading them will improve their attributes and OVR rating. Doing so will lead to even more rewards when winning in MUT mode. This reason alone makes captains very useful in Madden 24, considering most MUT cards can’t be upgraded this way. Starting from worst to best, here are all the captains in Madden 24 ranked.

4. Ronde Barber (CB)

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Regarding team captains in MUT, you have to think about how often Madden gives free cards for a particular position. Cornerbacks are usually provided to players, making Ronde Barber less valuable as a captain than others on this list. He is not bad, but players will find them not really in need of a Cornerback captain.

3. Frank Gore (HB)

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Like Ronde Barber, Frank Gore is a solid team captain that players won’t need as much as numbers 1 and 2 on this list. Great Halfbacks are a dime a dozen in Madden 24, meaning the value of this captain card is lowered significantly. Still, Frank Gore had one of the most remarkable careers in NFL history, so he is definitely a good one to pick up if you’re a huge fan.

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2. Kevin Mawae (C)

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The Center is one of the most overlooked positions in the NFL, but in all honesty, it’s arguably the most important. Kevin Mawae is a legendary player who is noticed by some as the best Center ever to play the position. Building a solid offense at the beginning of MUT is essential, and since Centers can be hard to come by, this captain is a top choice among players.

1. Eric Berry (SS)

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Eric Berry is the best captain to have on your team in MUT. Berry includes high attributes in both speed, coverage, and run-stopping stats. Eric Berry will help you the most when building your team, as he is a Strong Safety that is hard to beat. Players should focus on leveling Eric Berry as a priority over the other captains.

How to Unlock All Team Captains in MUT

In previous versions of Madden Ultimate Team, players had to choose a team captain at the start of creating their team. This has recently changed in Madden NFL 24, as players can now recruit all four team captains through the games Team Captains Field Pass.

The Team Captains Field Pass has 16 levels, with each captain being unlocked as you progress through the levels. Frank Gore is unlocked at level 2, Kevin Mawae at level four, Ronde Barber at level 6, and Eric Berry at level 8.

- This article was updated on August 16th, 2023

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